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What Are Platonic Friendships?

A platonic feeling is one in which two people have a close bond but are not sexually involved. The term derives from the ideas of Plato, an ancient philosopher whose name is derived from the concept. Whereas Plato believed that this type of love could bring people closer to a divine ideal, the modern definition focuses on people being close friends.

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7 Stages of Friendship in 2022

We are so used to speaking about relationship status among our peers. I am sure it rings a bell with comments like “They are on the dating stage” or “Even though they have been married for a while, they are still on their honeymoon stage”.

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5 Rules For Making Plans In The Real World

Doing things with friends is great. Making plans to do those things is the worst. Yes, modern technology technically makes it easier to plan a dinner or game night, but it also introduces a slew of other drawbacks, annoyances, issues, and cancellations. We all want fulfilling friendships, but how many people were taught how to make friends or how to develop those relationships over time? When you’re ready to take your online connections into the real world, follow these simple rules for connecting with people and creating meaningful bonds. 1. Take control – Be the one that reaches out. What

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7 Best Ways To Meet Friends In A New City

Have you just moved to a new city? Are you looking for ways to meet and get to know other people in or around your neighbourhood? They say that the only way to truly experience a city is through the people that you meet and the friendships that you build during the time that you are living there. Often, you will find that the most beautiful and meaningful memories of a certain place are the ones where you are surrounded by the friends you have made along the way. In the famous words of Barney Stinson from the TV series

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6 Essential Apps for International Students in Germany

Whether you intend to study abroad or are already enrolled at a foreign university, life as an international student is a huge adventure. Who isn’t excited about the idea of studying abroad? The invaluable global experience, the relating (and sometimes overwhelming) culture shock, travelling and living abroad is an exciting experience! Still, it’s not a walk in the park. Settling in a new country can be challenging due to struggles like being homesick, finances, navigation of different transport systems, language barriers, and finding a new social circle. But don’t worry! Fortunately, Platonic is here to make things a little simpler

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