8 Can’t-Miss Creative Art Exhibits in Berlin

Art decorates a quiet street in Berlin
Image courtesy of x1klima

If you are an art fanatic and new to Berlin, you’re in luck! The city is home to thousands of pieces, with a particular fondness for graffiti and other forms of street art. You are bound to find art down every street, but keep reading for eight of our favourite places.

Die Rückkehr der Kühe (The Return of the Cows)

Nestled down a quiet street is a building being overtaken by a field of cows. Large cow sculptures climb up this apartment complex, creating a comical and whimsical public display. Artist Sergej Dott has several instalments around the city, so if climbing cows strike a chord, check out his other works too. 

Das Monsterkabinett (The Monster Cabinet)

This run-down amusement park hosts outlandish mechanical creatures dying to sing, dance, and tell you their stories. Das Monsterkabinett is one part haunted house, one part exhibit, and entirely unique. 

A Monster sculpture shaped vaguely like a fly towers over a visitor
Image by Je.T.

‘Stand By Me’ Tree

Music fans will enjoy this hidden gem, a tree with lyrics to Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” carved neatly into its trunk. If you want to stand by tree, take a walk through Tiergarten Park. 

East Side Gallery

Of course, time spent in Berlin is not complete before visiting the famed East Side Gallery. One hundred five permanent murals decorate 1,316 meters of the remaining Berlin Wall. Street artists worldwide have reclaimed this concrete barrier and made it a reminder of unification rather than separation. If you’re a history buff, East Side should be one of your first stops.

Image by Dalbéra

Urban Nation – Museum for Urban Contemporary Art

This museum celebrates the street art that makes Berlin so special and has given it the moniker of “Germany’s Graffiti Capital.” Urban Nation sees itself “not only as an exhibition location but also as a neighborhood project.” Entry to this museum is generally free of charge, although groups of more than 20 are charged a fee. For those beautiful summer days, Urban Nation also has an open-air gallery called Artpark Tegel, located here.

‘Molecule Men’

This iconic sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky rises almost 30 meters out of the Spree River. Borofsky’s inspiration for the piece came from “the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence.” He further comments that “this symbolism is especially poignant for this 100-foot Molecule Man on the Spree River in Berlin since the river marked the division between East and West Berlin.”

The Molecule Men statue is three large male figures, dotted with holes, about to embrace
Image by Dirk Haun

Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art Alley

This vibrant urban oasis is constantly changing as new artists come to leave their mark on the alley. Its changing nature means that you can visit regularly and still experience something new every time. The building itself is a non-profit art organization, so make sure to take a peek inside! Find it on Google Maps here.

Natur-Park Südgelände

This stunning outdoor space blends technology, history, art, and the environment. Home to everything from decaying rail cars to endangered grasshoppers, this decommissioned railyard also features a restored 100-year-old administrative hall that doubles as a performance space. You can read more about the park and its history here. Stop by the cafe and enjoy your favorite coffee while you wander around the gardens and open-air galleries. This urban nature is at its most artistic. 

An abandoned rail car rises out of green nature. A rail tie covered in graffiti is in the foreground
Image by Torsten Maue

Have you visited these installations? Did we miss your favourite piece? Tell us in the comments below.